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How to Sharpen an Axe

How to Sharpen an Axe – DIY Guide

An axe is an indispensable tool in backpacking and bushcrafting kits. In fact, we always tag one along whenever we step outdoors, be it hiking, peak bagging or back country camping. No modern day schmancy folding...
Natural Drying

How to Season Firewood – All You Need to Know

Freshly chopped firewood contains up to 50 percent water content, meaning it cannot burn in your fireplace or fire pit. You first need to season the firewood to allow the excess moisture to escape. Seasoning reduces...
Best Axes for Splitting Wood

Top 6 Best Splitting Axes for the Money

Here's the deal: Splitting wood is a tough job, so why make it harder on yourself by using an inferior tool? If you’re familiar with the tiredness and back pain that is usually associated with splitting...
How to Finish and Waterproof Wood

How to Finish and Waterproof Wood – Your All Inclusive Guide

This is the truth: There’s nothing more compelling than natural beauty, but it requires protection. Wood is the world’s most loved building material because it can remain beautiful for decades. However, without the right protection, most...
How to Dry Firewood Fast

How to Dry/Season Firewood Fast – Top 3 Ways

Here is the truth:  High-quality firewood has long been a dream of all crispy fire enthusiasts. After all, who doesn’t love bundling up next to their fireplace and enjoying their hot cocoa? We all do! However,...