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Kayak weight limits explained

Kayak Weight Limit Explained

So, you are about to set out on your kayak after the festive period and think that you may have put on a couple of pounds. So, you have searched for an explanation of...
Winter Hammock Camping

Winter Hammock Camping – The Ultimate Guide

There's something special about camping in general. And when you are doing hammock camping, the feeling that's even better. When you add winter hammock camping into the equation, there are so many more things...
Does Polyester Keep You Warm?

Does Polyester Keep You Warm?

Polyester is a very common material, especially in sportswear. This synthetic fiber offers a lot of favorable properties for precisely that area of ​​application, which meanwhile makes it almost indispensable for the sports industry....
How To Fix A Zipper That Splits

How To Fix A Zipper That Splits

Learning how to fix a zipper that splits is an essential skill if you don't want to spend money on new garments all of the time. Having a split zipper can be the result of...
Top Extreme Water Sports

Top Extreme Water Sports – 11 Great Sports

Playing sports in water has been something people have done for many years. The first recorded document of swimming methods appears to be a book titled: "The Diver, or A Dialogue Concerning the Art of Swimming" written in...