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Why Does My Fishing Reel Go Backwards

Why Does My Fishing Reel Go Backwards

Fishing reels are constantly being updated with the latest technology. Altogether, this provides for a great experience. Though fishing technology is there for improvement, complications may arise. As fishing reels become progressively complex, it gets...
How to Make Fishing Lures

How To Make Fishing Lures – 10 Easy Steps

The majority of fishing lures these days are plastic. Perhaps that's against your morals, or maybe you just love woodwork. If you are a lover of fishing and woodwork, then we are going to...
Can You Eat Mudfish

What Are Mudfish & Can You Eat Them?

To eat, or not to eat mudfish, that is the question! In the annals of unanswered questions like ‘Is drinking coffee good for you?’, there is one that the fishing community has been debating ...
Do Fishing Hooks Dissolve

Do Fishing Hooks Dissolve?

As an angler, it’s part of your hobby to be close to nature, and part of that is caring for the natural world and doing your best to keep it in the right shape....
Can a Freshwater Trolling Motor Be Used in Saltwater

Can a Freshwater Trolling Motor Be Used in Saltwater?

Freshwater trolling motors not being useful in saltwater situations is a common myth amongst fishermen. While you can use a freshwater trolling motor, some safety and cosmetic procedures have to be met. In this guide,...