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Best Live Bait for Trout

Best Live Bait for Trout

Do you want to fish for trout? Do you not know the best bait to use for trout? I’ll give you a hint: live bait is one of the most effective ways to catch trout....
Kayak weight limits explained

Kayak Weight Limit Explained

So, you are about to set out on your kayak after the festive period and think that you may have put on a couple of pounds. So, you have searched for an explanation of...
Best Time and Season to Surf Fish

What Is the Best Time to Surf Fish

The best time to surf fish is not an easy topic to cover. There are a lot of different weather factors that impact fishing. Plus, fishing has a tendency to be very random. Fortunately, there...
Best Trout Baits for Ponds

Best Trout Baits for Ponds

Do you want to fish for trout in your local pond? Do you know what bait to use for those trout? If you don’t, then this article will help you. I’ll cover the best bait...
best rubber worms for bass fishing

Complete Guide to Bass Fishing with Rubber Worms

Bass fishing with rubber worms scares a lot of fishermen. They go to the store, and see thousands of rubber worms in every color, size, and shape. Many fishermen don’t even know where to...