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How to Hook a Fish When It Bites

How to Hook a Fish When It Bites

There are two types of people when it comes to fishing. On one side of the spectrum, you have people who are really engaged and do it professionally. On the other, there are people who...
How Much Does A Bass Boat Weigh

How Much does a Bass Boat Weigh?

Here's what I think: If you have already tried to figure out the answer to this question on your own, then you must be frustrated. I mean, really frustrated. And for a good reason. Indeed, it...
Top 10 Best Crankbait Rods for the Money

Top 10 Best Crankbait Rods for 2020

Here's the truth: Your fishing rod is just about the most important thing you need to check before you pack for your next fishing weekend. You obviously need a reliable fishing rod that’s not only...
Does Fishing Line Go Bad

Does Fishing Line Go Bad?

There aren’t many moments in a man’s life when he can ask How old is too old?... especially in public, without receiving some weird looks or an insult or two. In any case, we don’t...