Can A Compound Bow Get Wet? What To Do If It Does?

Can A Compound Bow Get Wet?
Can A Compound Bow Get Wet?

Compound bows, as well as crossbows, are weapons utilized for hunting small and large animals. These weapons offer a broad range of benefits, including cost efficiency, effectiveness and portability.

Compound bows are utilized in all kinds of weather. Fortunately, manufacturers utilize durable materials that are capable of resisting water and other elements. However, if you want your crossbow to last for a very long time, you will need to inspect and maintain it regularly.

Can a compound bow get wet? Yes, but only it is constructed of high-quality, water resistant materials. Most manufacturers utilize a sealer to add more water protection. Also, wax is applied to the string to offer the same level of protection.

What to do if it does get wet? Well, since you are outdoors among thousands of elements, your best option will be to keep a dry towel on hand to dry the crossbow as soon as it gets wet. As soon as you get home, you should wax the string. This will help ensure the life of the bow and string.

Is Your Compound Bow Waterproof?

Is Your Compound Bow Waterproof

Many people believe that all bows are waterproof. After all, they’ve watched those Hollywood movies where the Indians run through the rain and fire off arrows along the way.

Unfortunately, not all bows are waterproof. Pretty much all modern bows feature waterproof materials.

If your bow is newer or was made during the past ten years or so, you should be able to use it outside in the rain without too many problems.

The bows that aren’t waterproof are those that could be considered historic. If the bow is very old and qualifies as an antique, it should probably be kept inside when it rains.

This is definitely the case if you’re dealing with a wood bow. If you’re using an old recurve bow, there is a good chance you can use it outside without issues.

With a modern compound bow, you can use it in the rain as much as you wish. Just remember that you’ll need to take specific actions afterward to ensure that your bow doesn’t develop permanent damage.

What Could Go Wrong If A Compound Bow Gets Wet?

A lot of people use their compound bow haphazardly and this is going to come back to haunt them in the future.

It can be very fun and effective to hunt in the rain. Just remember that it could cause irreparable damage to your compound bow too. Just getting your bow wet isn’t a problem.

Failing to dry it off and protect it afterward is where you’re going wrong.

If you do not completely dry your bow after your hunting session has concluded, there is a big risk that it is going to develop rust.

Take Care of Your Hunting Bow

In return, that could very well negatively impact its performance. It could also result in the string hardening.

Suffice to say, you cannot afford to let your compound bow sit out in the rain. After a rainy day of hunting or shooting, you need to dry it thoroughly.

At the same time, you should add oil to the parts that may be able to rust. Take these steps and you can rest assured that your compound bow will be able to withstand everything Mother Nature throws its way.

Damaging The Sight

Another thing that could go wrong is irreparable damage to the sight. If you use a digital camera in the rain, you already know what the water can do to it.

After each shot, you’d probably wipe off the lens. Well, you should treat the compound bow sight the same.

And, you have to be very careful about cleaning the sight. If you use an abrasive material, there is a good chance that you’re going to scratch the lens. That will make it difficult to hit the target in the future.

To avoid such problems, you should only clean the sight using a wipe that is designed specifically for this purpose.

The rain could potentially cause moisture to develop inside of the sight. Stop that from happening by cleaning the sight after you’ve finished shooting.

If you ever find yourself in the field with a damaged site you oughta know how to shoot without one.

The Worst Case Scenario

It is true that some people are negligent. They do not appreciate the items they’ve purchased. If you fit into this category, there is a good chance that you’re going to let your bow get destroyed by the rain.

In most cases, this isn’t going to happen. Most people will take measures to protect their bow. Still, there is the rare occasion when they do not.

If you do not, your bow is eventually going to become unusable. The water will rust the materials and it might even bow the material.

The severity of the problem depends on the material and how long it has been wet.

If you appreciate your compound bow and want to use it for many years to come, you need to keep it dry.

Wipe it down thoroughly after your hunting session has ended for the day.

Inspect After Each Use And Routinely

Ensuring the life of a compound bow will require sheer diligence. Inspection of the bow should and string should be conducted before and after each use to make sure they are in good working condition.

During the inspection, carefully look at the bow to determine if it has damage from previous uses.

The string takes a lot of damage every time the compound bow is utilized. Therefore, it will need to be changed regularly.

It is recommended to replace the string when it becomes damaged, annually or every other year or after every 2,500 shots.

If you notice something wrong with the bow, you should address the problem as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the problem could worsen and it could render your bow useless at some point down the line.

Compound Bow Maintenance

Technology has definitely improved the compound bow over the years. In the past, hunters were continuously repairing and replacing their bows. Vintage crossbows only have a life expectancy of about two years.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Modern bows can last anywhere from 10 to 20 or longer if taken care of properly.

Apply Bowstring Wax After Each Use

Bowstrings have a tendency to harden if they are not properly waxed. To maximize the use of the string, it is crucial to keep it soft and pliable. You can do this by applying a thin layer of high-quality wax to the string after each use and routinely.

If the string is not waxed regularly, it will not endure water and moisture exposure.

Store In Waterproof Case

When the compound bow is not in use, it is a law to keep it stored in a locked case. With that said, it is a good idea to choose a high-quality, waterproof case with a lock. This way you can keep the compound bow stored in the case on your hunting trips.

So, it will be fully protected from element exposure. This might not protect the bow when you’re out hunting.

Nevertheless, it will give you greater peace of mind when you’re not.


Your compound bow can indeed get wet. However, this doesn’t mean that you should submerge it in water.

If you do and do not take action right away, there is a good chance that problems are going to occur. With that being said, you need to be proactive.

If your compound bow gets wet, you need to dry it as soon as you’re done hunting. Do not let Mother Nature ruin your investment.

With proper maintenance and care, you can almost guarantee that your compound bow will last a lifetime.


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