Top 10 Best Baitcasting Reels of 2020

Best Baitcasting Reel
Best Baitcasting Reel

Out of all the different types of reels available, baitcasting reels are perhaps the most underrated.

Most anglers hesitate on using a baitcasting reel due to a couple of somewhat common fears. If you’ve ever heard the dreaded term “bird nest,” then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Most people also find baitcasting too difficult to use, which is all the more reason for its decreasing popularity.

But baitcasting reels aren’t all that bad! In fact, with a little bit of practice, you will be able to master a baitcasting reel right away. These types of reels are an important tool for anglers who want to fish with bigger lures and perform techniques that can’t be done with light line spinning reels. A great baitcasting reel should give you a good amount of control of your lure, allow precise lure placements, and have the power to cover and explore deep waters.

This guide is both for certified anglers and those who want to dip their toes into the waters of baitcasting. We’ll help you get a feel for how to choose the best baitcasting reel for your budget. While also covering all the things you should consider when searching and settling on the optimal reel for yourself. So, whether you’re here to figure out if a baitcasting reel is really what you need, or even if you’re just looking for the best reels available on the market – we’ve covered every angle to put together this ultimate all you need to know guide.

But before we jump in, let’s get to know what baitcasting is really all about!

What Is a Baitcasting Reel

The textbook definition of a baitcasting reel is “a reel that makes use of a revolving spool and is positioned on top of a casting rod featuring a trigger handle.” The spinning reel is opposite to this because its revolving spool sits underneath and with the line guides facing down.

Baitcasting Reel

Most casting reels come in both left and right-handed models, with right-handed ones being the more popular variant. The handles can’t be swapped, so you have to pick the variant which suits you best. However, it’s important to note that if you choose a right-handed model, you will be holding it with your left hand after casting. This is due to the fact that your right hand will be turning the handle as you fish. And with a left-handed model, you will be holding it with your right and turning the handle with your left.

If you’re uncomfortable with switching hands, you should choose a configuration that is the same as your spinning reel setup.

Baitcasting reels also come in round and low-profile designs. A round design generally holds more line. They’re used more often for heavier lines and are preferred by anglers for tossing larger baits – making them a great choice for long runs during the fight. This design is great for catching species such as bass, steelhead, salmon, muskie, and pike.

You can check out the best baitcasters for bass here; although most of them made this list too.

On the other hand, the low-profile design looks more embedded in your casting rod. It’s the more popular choice among the two and is used for palming, easier wrist-action, and overall this option is somewhat more ergonomic. The low-profile design is best used for species like bass and crappie.

Comparing the Top 10 Best Baitcasting Reels Side By Side

ReelWeightBearingsGear Ratios
Lews Fishing Pro-Tip Speed Pool SLP Casting Reel6.3 oz10+17.5:1
Shimano CURADO Low-Profile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel7.8 oz6+16.2:1
Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel13.58 oz86.2:1
Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing Reel8.1 oz87.1:1
13 Fishing Concept Z Low-Profile Bait Casting Reel6.4 oz06.6:1
Lews Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel6.7 oz105.6:1


Daiwa Tatula Type-R Baitcast Fishing Reels7.2 oz7+16.3:1
Shimano CURADO K Baitcast Reel7.6 oz6+16.2:1



Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel10.6 oz4+17.2:1
Daiwa Tatula CT Baitcast Fishing Reels7.4 oz7+15.5:1

The Top 10 Best Baitcasting Reels of 2020

1.   Lews Fishing Pro-Ti Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel

The Lews Fishing Pro-Ti is built exclusively on the SLP Super Low Profile Platform, which is the lowest profile design from Lews. It also has a strong one-piece aluminum SLP frame and side plates that come with a titanium deposition finish that is designed to not sacrifice any strength for style. It also features an aircraft-grade double anodized Duralumin drilled and chamfered U-shaped 32mm spool with hard aluminum alloy Speed Gears, which are cut on the Hamai CNC gear hobbing machine.

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This reel also has a premium 11 bearing system paired with double-sided stainless steel ball bearings. This includes Japanese high-speed spool bearings and a Zero Reverse clutch bearing. Its 6-pin 27 positions QuietCast ACB (Adjustable Centrifugal Braking System) can be adjusted externally and it has enormous power through its rugged carbon fiber drag system which can provide up to 20 lbs of drag power.

My Lews Pro-Ti Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel
My Lews Pro-Ti Speed Spool SLP Casting Reel

Other prominent features include a bowed lightweight 95 mm carbon fiber handle with Winn Dri-Tac knobs, a double anodized bowed aluminum drag star with an audible click adjustment, and a titanium-coated zirconia line guide. Last but not least, the Lews Fishing Pro-Ti also includes an exclusive feature. This comes in the form of a patented Speed Dial line indicator and patented Speed Keeper hook keeper. There’s no denying that the Lews Fishing Pro-Ti is one of the pricier options on our list. But despite its higher price tag, it definitely lives up to the hype and possesses the features you’d love to see in a great baitcasting reel.

2.   Shimano CURADO DC Low-Profile Baitcasting Freshwater Fishing Reel

The Shimano CURADO DC’s design emphasizes efficiency through strength. This is clearly seen in its HAGANE body, which is a highly rigid metal body model. The body’s stiffness and resistance to impact significantly lessen its flexing. Which results in the transformation of the angler’s actions directly into cranking power. The X-SHIP technology included here also significantly improves gear durability. The pinion gear on both ends is supported with bearings, which helps the pinion gear maintain precise alignment with the drive gear. In turn, this helps the gears stay in the same position no matter how heavy the load gets. And the friction between the spool shaft and the gear is also eliminated, enhancing the casting performance of the Shimano with lighter lures and longer casts.

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Another cool feature included is the Micro Module Gear System that enables a smooth retrieve for the angler. The new gear set makes use of a larger number of teeth that are also smaller by comparison to popular competitor models. This increases the contact points between the drive gear and pinion gear, resulting in a more efficient gear train with less feel.

This Shimano model also provides a wider range of drag settings combined with the smoothest drag performance ever among any models out on the market today. You can also now fish a wide variety of lures, in any conditions, with only minimal adjustment to the reel with its Intelligent Digital Control braking system. The reel is also easy on the hands as it is made with CI4+ technology, which is the ultimate standard when it comes to lightweight technology. Overall, the Shimano CURADO DC surpasses just about any angler’s expectations, especially considering its super friendly price tag.

3.   Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

The Abu Garcia’s Revo Toro Beast aims to accomplish three words: big, strong, and slow. This baitcasting reel was created for big-bait fishermen who want a reel that has a big line capacity and is strong in terms of power, frame rigidity, and drag. All while being slow in terms of its gear ratio. The Revo Toro Beast is available in two sizes – a 50 and a 60. It also offers a few other options for you to peruse: all sizes are available in two different retrieve ratios, and all four models are available in either left or right-hand retrieve. The reel is also quite handsome, stretching at an insane length of 110 mm, with its glossy black side plates complimenting its gorgeous matte black frame. It comes finished with anodized blue highlights at the cast control cap, base of the handle, and on various knobs, which create a nice accent.

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The size 50 of the Revo Toro Beast has a 4.9:1 retrieve ratio, which is slow enough for a nice pace to pull your bait once you cast it out there. Its main gear is the standard design from Abu Garcia’s Duragear Heavy Duty models. Which is a brass main gear that helps with the overall smoothness of your reel. The material is also highly durable as the frame and handle side plates are made from an aluminum alloy that doesn’t bend, even when under heavy stress.

This model also makes use of the Carbon Matrix and can deliver up to 29 lbs of maximum drag pressure. Giving this reel all the extra power to spare. Lastly, it also features their InfiniMAx Braking System, which is a dual braking system with adjustable centrifugal brakes on the spool’s rotor. And this whole kit comes coupled with a powerful mag dial, which moves a set of magnets into and away from the spool’s rotor to give you precise control over its spin.

All in all, if you’re in the market for a slower, heavy-duty reel – this is probably your best bet. Its incredible design and smart feature-kit are definitely worth the price.

4.   Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing Reel

If you’re an angler living near the coast or planning to fish in saltwater, then the Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing Reel is a perfect fit. Although it is lightweight, coming in at only 8.1 ounces – it has incredible spool capacity. It can hold 165 yards of 14 lb mono line, 100 yards of 20 lb monofilament line, and 190 yards of 40 lb braided line. The spool is sourced from A7075 Aircraft Grade AIuminum, a special grade of aluminum that is known for its lightweight but durable qualities. Thus allowing Daiwa to produce a deeper spool that spins longer with an action that is easier on the bearings, which implies a longer life-cycle for the reel.

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Its TWS or T-Wing system was first introduced back in 2011, but it still holds up in reducing line friction coming off the reel, which leads to better line control and long-distance casting. The TWS also offers incredible fighting power, especially as it comes paired with the Ultimate Tournament Drag system. Which brings its maximum drag capacity up to 15.4, which is more than enough to drag just about any fish right to the beach!

The Coastal TWS has also includes a 7 CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings) and 1 RB (Roller Bearing) configuration. Corrosive Resistant Ball Bearings claim to outlast other generic bearings for up to 12 times their life expectancy. The corrosive-resistant material also helps the reel fight wear-and-tear from the natural and salty elements of the sea. Another handy feature in this reel is the Magforce Cast Control. This is a kind of technology created to slow down the spinning of the spool. It has a cast control knob that corrects the placement of the weight on the line, helping anglers avoid backlash, which is a common issue with baitcasting.

This reel is also made with comfort in mind. It measures in right at 100mm, and despite being made out of strong steel – its grips are easy on the hands and make for a comfortable reeling experience. You’ll also find EVA custom handle knobs that are sourced from the same aircraft-grade aluminum and are built with two small bearings plus some extra room to add more if you ever feel like it.

In conclusion, the Coastal TWS exceeds the expectations of a baitcasting reel, especially when you factor in its price. This reel performs excellently and is tried and tested in salty waters.

5.   13 FISHING Concept Z Low-Profile Bait Casting Reel

When 13 Fishing came out with its Concept Z reel, it made quite the waves in the angler community. Everyone became curious about the “new orange reel,” and especially with its controversial “Z,” which stands for “Zero,” the number of traditional ball bearings it has. On the outside, Concept Z has composite side covers with an Ocean Armor 2 Protective coating throughout the whole reel. It helps make the reel extremely light, weighing only a meager 6.4 ounces. This coating also protects the reel from the elements, including dirt and debris, as well as saltwater corrosion. After all, being a saltwater reel – it’s important that it doesn’t corrode after a couple years of use.

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Even though it’s lightweight, Concept Z has an impressive 22 lbs of drag power, which is a lot! Its Dead Stop anti-reverse rounds out the overall tightness and solid feel of the reel, especially while casting and retrieving lures. Speaking of the cast and retrieve – most anglers are impressed at how smooth the casting is with Concept Z. 13 Fishing included their popular Arrowhead line guide in the design just like they did with their other high-performance models. The line flows off the reel without any problems, and when retrieving, although it’s a bit different – the reel is very quiet and smooth because of the absence of the ball bearings. This is an excellent reel if you’re planning on skipping applications.

Concept Z received a fair few positive reviews when it was released on the open market. Considering its price, it’s safe to say that you’re getting quite the beast at bargain rates. With this model, you get to enjoy the finesse of a top-notch saltwater reel coupled with immense drag power and heavy-duty gearing.

6.   Lews Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel

The Lews Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel was designed for both novice and professional anglers. With a smaller profile and lightweight design, this baitcast reel makes it very easy to maneuver while fishing. It only weighs 6.7 ounces and is styled with solid brass speed gears, along with golden interior colors to highlight the insides. There are four main features that make the Tournament MB one of the best reels available today.

The first of which is its multi-setting brake system (MSB), which is an innovative modern dual braking system. It externally adjusts through the centrifugal system, which allows the user to have complete control over their cast. In turn, fighting hard-running fish becomes much easier, to the point where the reels tight pull does most of the work for you.

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The zirconia line guide that is used in the Tournament MB also provides flawless casting distance to reach your target. Anglers are able to use a wide variety of baits and line types, and because the reel is very lightweight, you can cast often without much strain on the arm.

The retrieve in this reel is impressive as well. It has a high-speed routine retrieve that allows the user to maintain the tension in the line. It has a line capacity of 12/120 and nine double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings plus one roller bearing system. This configuration also decreases the likelihood of a backlash.

Another thing that we loved about the Tournament MB is that it has a very high capacity spool for such a lightweight reel. And with its long-powered crank handle, this model is practically perfect for catching bass or salmon. And to top things off, it also comes coated in anti-corrosive material with the spool being double anodized.

Lew’s Tournament MB Review – (Speed Spool LFS Series)
Lew’s Tournament MB Review – (Speed Spool LFS Series)

The Lews Fishing Tournament MB baitcasting reel was created to be one of the top options with several features to ensure anglers are able to reel in those large catchers.

The Lews Fishing Tournament MB reel was really created with anglers in mind. Its impressive array of features allows for some big catches, at next to no effort – making it an amazing option for beginners and professionals alike.

7.   Daiwa Tatula Type-R Baitcast Fishing Reels

The Daiwa Tatula Type-R Fishing Reel is a fantastic option for anglers that are looking for something more high-end. It’s made from Zaion, which is a very sturdy high-density carbon material exclusive to Daiwa reels. It’s lightweight and offers a very strong core that resists flexing and can even rival its Magnesium counterparts to the tee. This comes with the added benefit of it being pretty much impervious to corrosion. It also has some impressive drag power with its Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag. Where oversized carbon drag washers allow maximum fish stopping power up to 13.2 lbs.

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The Daiwa’s T-Wing System also solves the age-old problems that plague baitcasting reel levelwind systems. The “T” aperture lets the line flow freely through the wide top section on outcast, reducing sharp angles and friction as it runs through the narrow aperture when exiting the reel. And when retrieving, the line drops into the narrow lower channel of the T-wing for even distribution across the width of the spool.

The spool of the Daiwa also starts faster and spins longer than most comparable models. There’s no magnetic effect slowing down the spool. As the spool approaches maximum speed, the inductor cap automatically moves into the gap between magnets to apply smooth magnetic braking and prevent overrun. As it begins to slow, the inductor cup automatically retracts from the magnets, so the spool keeps spinning longer, unhampered by magnetic braking.

But that’s not all! Additional features also include corrosion-resistant ball bearings, and a cool Daiwa-brand swept handle that moves the paddles closer to the rod’s centerline. The result of this combination is less wobble of the rod and reel in your hands as you crank, which means less wasted energy and a more powerful retrieve.

Daiwa certainly didn’t hold back when they put together this awesome reel. And for the price-point, you’re getting a premium quality reel that’ll last for years on end – which is well worth it in our eyes!

8.   Shimano CURADO K Baitcast Reel

The Shimano CURADO K is offered in three main gear ratio options: 6.2:1, 7.4:1, and 8.5:1. All models have a compact and ergonomic body design, which is around 10% smaller than the previous series. The compact design helps the strength of this lightweight reel and prevents flexing. This ergonomic model also palms nicely and feels very solid when held. The frame of this reel is made from aluminum, which offers both added strength and a decrease in weight over other materials Shimano could have gone with.

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This particular model has a super free spool, which means you don’t have to whip hard to get a good distance going. The spool will be able to keep up just fine with heavy lures and can easily handle lighter ones, even in windy conditions, as well. It spins freely and has a surprising amount of adjustment, which is all made possible thanks to the SVS braking system it employs. The CURADO K also has an S3D Stable Spool System that provides for a very smooth feeling when casting or retrieving lures. And it even comes coupled with their micromodule gearing that helps with adding further smoothness for the reeling experience.

Another great feature is its X-Ship, which has been built in for enhanced gear durability. This improves bearing support on the pinion gear, when the fish decides to fight, by providing a large drive gear. The drag power is pretty reliable, and the 6 stainless steel shielded  A-RB bearings prevent dirt and grime from getting into the reel. This, in turn, stops corrosion in its tracks.

Lastly, Shimano also included one Super Stopper Anti Reverse roller bearing that puts an end to any back-play. It also comes equipped with an enhanced, wide-ranging SVS Infinity Brake System. Which uses brake weights designed to reduce inner friction against the raceway. The system controls the spool speed to provide the precision you’re looking for, and comes with an external adjustment knob.

The CURADO K is definitely a big upgrade over its predecessors and junior models in Shimano’s lineup. And with how well this manufacturer keeps their word when it comes to updates and upgrades – it’s no surprise that they’ve been at the top of the industry for so long.

9.   Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reels

The Shimano SLX is like the junior cousin of the Shimano CURADO K. Its Hagane compact body screams power, durability, and rigidity. The body is precision-engineered, resulting in a smoother reel with less flex. Which is a quality that is usually found in more expensive baitcasting reel models.

The super free spool is designed to reduce friction on the spool shaft in order to improve smoothness, which allows for longer casts and more accuracy to boot. With super free spools, the pinion gear has ball-bearing supports, which means that when you disengage the clutch, the pinion gear and spool remain aligned.

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One of the best features of the SLX is its VBS Braking system. The variable braking system uses centrifugal force as opposed to magnets to control your casting distance. When the system is engaged, the brake weights and forced out at the beginning of the cast, which is where most backlash can occur. And because of the slower spool speed, there is also less pressure, which allows the spool to continue spinning – further adding to the distance you can cover with each cast.

And don’t let the sub-$100 price tag fool you! Shimano built this reel with quality in mind, stopping at nothing to achieve fantastic quality and reliability for this model. Overall, if you were looking for a great entry-level baitcasting reel on a budget – this would be our pick.

10. Daiwa Tatula CT Baitcast Fishing Reels

The Tatula CT was Daiwa’s way of upgrading the Tatula 100, and they did so in spectacular fashion. The Tatula CT boasts a lightweight aluminum frame that is smaller than the Tatula 100 and reduces the overall weight by 0.2 oz. Although this reel was not designed for saltwater, it holds up pretty well against saltwater conditions – just make sure you rinse it well after each use. It’s also equipped with the T-Wing system that deals with common issues plaguing levelwind reels such as friction and backlash. The “T” design allows the line to flow freely through the top section, and when you retrieve it, the “T” portion of the guide drips down into the reel. And it’s worth noting that in this model, the line is now housed in the narrower section of the T-Wing.

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Daiwa elegantly solved the backlash issue with their Magforce Z Cast Control. The line comes off the spool very quickly at the beginning of your cast and then slows down due to the magnets as you near the end. This system allows you to control the flow and brake if necessary, to save you from having to deal with a “bird’s nest.” It also has a UTD that uses over-sized carbon fiber drag washers, which results in an extremely smooth cast. And with a maximum setting of 13.2 lbs, this reel is strong enough to bring in all types of bigger fish from bass to snook.

The Tatula CT makes good use of an 8 bearing system that is completely corrosion-resistant. And the swept handle design allows you to have a large grip that feels compact and comfortable at the same time.

When compared to the Tatula 100, this reel is a significant step up, and is well worth the money you’ll pay.

What You Need To Consider When Picking Out A Baitcasting Reel

What to Look for In a Baitcasting Reel

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio tells you how many times the spool turns in one revolution of the handle. Common gear ratios are 5.3:1, 6.4:1, and 7.1:1. The all-around choice is a 6.4:1 ratio and can be used for any kind of bait and fishing techniques. The lower gear ratios, such as 5.2:1 and 5.3:1, are used for baits that pull hard like big swimbaits or deep-diving crankbaits. But if you’re fishing for a topwater catch, a 7.1:1 reel is the better pick.

Spool Size

Bigger or deeper spool size is ideal if you prefer fishing with heavy lines such as a 20 lb fluorocarbon. A larger spool can create smaller coils of the line, which are generally easier to manage. On the other hand, shallow or short spools are best for short line fishing like flipping and pitching.

Handle Size

If you plan on fishing a worm or jig, it’s alright to use shorter handles on your baitcasting reel. However, if you’re handling swimbaits or crankbaits, a larger and longer handle creates more torque and is a better choice.

Brakes and Tension System

The tension knob controls the line at the beginning of your cast, and the brake system controls the line at the end of your cast. A good tension and braking system is essential so that you cast your reel with higher accuracy and prevent the line from tangling up.

Bearings and Materials

Ceramic or stainless-steel ball bearings are ideal when looking for a baitcasting reel. Generally, having more bearings implies a smoother cast and an equally smooth retrieve.

And in terms of materials, you’ll want to look for quality materials such as aluminum, magnesium, or carbon composite materials. These are strong and durable choices that generally correlate with excellent quality.

Why Buy a Baitcasting Reel

Although all reels are unique in their own way, there are many qualities that come with baitcasting reels that provide for a wholesome and fun fishing experience.

Heavier Line

A baitcasting reel allows you to use heavier lines from the 10-20 lb test on average and heavier lures. This helps you get a good baitcasting setup that can easily cast lures around 1 oz or more.

Less Line Twist

Baitcasters spool the line perpendicular to the spool axis, meaning the only line twist will come from your lure. Spinning reels are good overall, but they are notorious when it comes to the lines getting all tangled up, which is the mortal enemy of good casting.

Longer Casts

In baitcasting reels, the line comes directly off the spool and straight out the rod guides compared to the uncoiling of a spinning outfit. If you pair it with the right rod, your baitcaster will automatically outperform just about any spinning gear.

More Power

Baitcasters are more powerful than spinning reels due to their spool layout and design. This is because the spool is in-line with the handle and gears so that there is quite a bit more power and torque in the reel. The handles are also mounted directly onto the reel frame, and there is no lever arm to cause flex when reeling hard on a fish.

More Control

Baitcasting reels give you a higher degree of casting control compared to other variants. You can control the distance and speed of your lure by thumbing the spool during the cast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Baitcasting Reel FAQ

What is the best baitcasting reel?

The best baitcasting reel all depends on what you’re planning to fish for and where you’re planning to fish. There’s really no one size fits all solution! Different reels are produced for different needs and feature entirely different kits depending on whether you’re going after a saltwater catch or trying to pin down a freshwater monster.

How do you cast a baitcasting reel?

Casting this type of reel can be done in three super easy steps. First, to get an accurate cast, reel in your bait until it’s only 6 to 12 inches from the tip of the rod. Second, turn the rod, so that the handle is pointed up and press the spool release button. Third and last, you’ll want to place your thumb at an angle to the spool so you can control the flow of the line and then sweep the rod forward until it reaches eye level. As your line goes out, you’ll want to press down your thumb on the spool to stop the bait from overshooting.

The last step takes a bit of practice, and the more casts you do – the more natural the whole motion will become.

Do baitcasting reels work on spinning rods?

If you try to use a baitcasting reel on a spinning rod, the spinning rod will end up being upside down. The eyes on your spinning rod would be facing upwards, and you would then run the risk of breaking your spinning rod as soon as there is any pressure applied.

Aside from looking silly – a spinning rod is not meant to nor intended to bend that way.

Does a longer rod cast further?

Yes, it’s as simple as that. The longer your rod is, the larger the distance of your cast! If the general factors like the power and action are more or less comparable, a longer rod will give you somewhat greater distance by comparison to a shorter variant when using the same lure.

Now, if the lure is light, like ⅛ ounce, it can be a little more manageable on a softer shorter rod than a longer rod, so take your lure into account when thinking about the length of your next reel.

What are the three types of reels?

There are three main types when it comes to fishing reels. There is the spinning reel (open-face), the spin-caster reel (closed face), and finally – our favorite – the baitcasting reel. Each of the three types has its own pros and cons, and each one is used for different specialties.

What kind of line does a baitcaster use?

There are three main types of line that you’d find in a baitcasting setup. Monofilament, braid, and fluorocarbon.

When it comes to beginner and intermediate anglers – monofilament is a great option to equip your baitcasting reel with. It is easier to use than braid or fluorocarbon because a casting reel requires you to control the cast with your thumb. In the event of backlash, monofilament is easier to untangle when compared to a stiffer line. And best of all – it’s far less expensive to stock up on!

What causes reel backlash?

Backlash happens when the lure slows down after the casting, but the spool does not, resulting in a tangled mess of line, also known as a “bird’s nest.” Thankfully, all it takes to avoid this complication is a little bit of practice, and potentially getting the right spool that has preventative measures implemented.

Why is baitcasting better than spinning?

A baitcasting reel isn’t necessarily “better” than a spinning reel. However, there are certain things that a baitcasting reel can perform that a spinning reel cannot. Baitcasting reels can handle heavier lines and actually allow for longer-distance casts than spinning reels in the same size range.

What’s the best line for baitcasting reels?

The best line for baitcasting reels depends on your usage. While monofilament is the most recommended for beginner anglers, there are other types of lines that deserve praise. According to some pros, the top four best lines for the overall usage of baitcasting reels are the Spiderware Ultracast Invsi-Braid Superline, KastKing SuperPower Braided Line, Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon, and KastKing Masters Tournament Grade Monofilament.

Picking Out the Right Baitcasting Reel For You

Best Reel For The Price

The Lews Fishing Pro-Ti Speed Pool SLP Casting Reel – It’s a bit high-end, but it is worth every penny. This reel is usually used by professional anglers, but it’s also excellent for beginners if you have a more flexible budget.

Best Reel For Under $200

The Shimano SLX Baitcasting Reel – For under a hundred bucks, you can get a very high-quality baitcasting reel that can go toe to toe with many higher-priced models, what more can we ask for? This reel has all the necessary features in its kit if you’re going for an occasional fishing trip with friends.

Best Reel For Saltwater Fishing

The 13 FISHING Concept Z Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel – The Concept Z is the perfect baitcasting reel for saltwater fishing. It’s lightweight yet heavy-duty and is going to serve you practically a lifetime due to its amazing durability.


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